DARK SOULS in Unity – Ep. 108

In this episode we restore our basic A.I to it’s functioning state, as well as eliminate some new bugs that have emerged since our character chances have been made. We also correct a bug made on the “Guard Breaking” video, that makes all stamina damage absorption 0. Lastly, we refactor the our A.I’s target data to prepare for our “Advanced A.I” section beginning in the next video. Dark Souls has 2 main types of A.I 1. A.I such as Hollow’s or Dogs, which attack the character but do not perform “special” actions most of the time. 2. A.I such as NPC invaders, which in some capacity imitate the abilities of the player. The A.I can sometimes dodge, roll, block, parry ect. In the next section we will begin working on the second type of A.I, as well as polish elements from our first and more basic A.I.

Sebastian Graves