DARK SOULS in Unity – Ep. 107

In this episode we refactor our blocking system as requested, to a more simplistic approach that removes the need for the use of colliders. Our new blocking system simply relies on a calculation between the attacking objects position, and the targets position. We also swap out our old way of animating blocking, and we replace it with an 8 way directional animation system, similar to our locomotion. This portion is honestly just for polish and does not effect the system itself. Lastly we add the ability to “Guard Break” a character. We begin by creating guard break modifiers on our weapons. When the weapon contacts a blocking character, depending on the blocking items “Stability” rating, and the attacking weapons “Guard Break Modifier”, an amount of stamina is drained from the blocking character. If the stamina goes to or below 0, a “Guard Break” occurs, where the character is then open to a critical attack like a riposte. If the stamina remains above 0, a normal blocking animation is applied.

Sebastian Graves